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  • Consultation and surgury in the UK
  • Lots of treated Hair loss symtoms or types
  • Renowned head surgeon


  • Not that great portfolio of techniques
  • Not transparent regarding pricing
  • Pricy service


The Crown Clinic hair transplant

The Crown Clinic was established in 2007 by its main resident hair transplant surgeon Dr. Asim Shahmalak. Dr. Shahmalak is a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon who is most famously known as the first surgeon to perform an eyelash hair transplant in 2009.

Since then, Dr. Shahmalah has established himself as one of the most famous hair transplant surgeons in the UK and opened Britain’s most successful hair transplant clinic, the Crown Clinic. His fame has not gone unnoticed, as celebrities such as Dr. Christian Jessen and Jack Shepard have been treated under his care.

Dr. Shahmalak joined the NHS as a specialist doctor in general surgery in 2001, until he decided to dedicate his time to his newfound Crown Clinic in Manchester. The success in Manchester allowed him to open a clinic in Harley Street, one of London’s most prestigious districts, and Slievemore, Dublin.

Dr. Shahmalak is a board-certified hair transplant surgeon and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Shahmalak has contributed his skills and expertise to charitable causes and worked to restore hair for acid-attack victims in his native Pakistan.

Surgeons and Staff

As mentioned above, the primary surgeon at the Crown Clinic is Dr. Asim Shahmalak. He is a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon who found his love for the specialty after having trained as a general surgeon in 2001.

Dr. Asim Shahmalak is board-certified and a specialist in a variety of hair restoration treatments, evidenced by reviews from customers and celebrities. Additionally, Dr. Shahmalak prides himself on the network of hair recovery specialists that work alongside him to help produce the best outcomes. This includes expertly trained nurses, medical staff, and secretaries.


Dr. Asim Shahmalak

Dr. Shahmalak does not shy away from education. Since the start of his hair transplant career, he has continuously updated his professional knowledge and attended a variety of classes and seminars in order to keep improving his technique to offer the newest hair recovery treatments.

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Up to



Offered Procedures

The treatments you can expect to find at the Crown Clinic are:

The Clinic does not perform DHI, U-FUE, Body to hair transplants (They do perform beard to scalp transplants though) or PRP treatments.


General hairloss caused by male pattern baldness is treated at the crown clinic

Treated Hairloss Symptoms

The wide array of procedures offered at the Crown Clinic allow Dr. Shahmalak to treat the broadest range of hair loss symptoms we have seen.

Firstly, the Crown Clinic provides hair loss treatments to both men and females who have experienced hair loss either through pattern baldness or infection.

Regarding the area of hairloss they treat basically all types of symptoms on the scalp. If its on the norwood scale, they treat it. Examples of this is a receding hair line or thinning of hair. One exception that the clinic might not perform is full head hair transplants.

They also treat facial hair loss such as beard balding, eyelash or eyebrow loss. The Crown Clinic is one of the very few clinics in the world offering an eyelash transplant which has seen humungous success amongst its patients.

If you have had a previous hair transplant at a cheaper clinic and it didn’t quite do the job you expected it to, then fear no more. Dr. Shahmalak can use his expertise to try his best to amend your previous botched hair transplant such as removing scarring.

The transplanting process

Advancements in modern technologies have allowed surgeons such as Dr. Shahmalak to learn and use advanced methods for surgical hair transplants that are sure to leave you walking out of the clinic with a newfound sense of confidence. However, before doing so, you must go through the entire process.

You must first book an appointment online for your initial appointment. Once a date is set, you are expected to go to your appointment with Dr. Shahmalak. It is worth noting that Dr. Shahmalak is one of the few hair transplant surgeons who will directly meet with his patients for the initial assessments.

During your consultation, you will be asked a series of questions regarding the history of your hair loss, when it occurred, symptoms you have experienced, and whether you have any direct family members who are also balding. This allows Dr. Shahmalak to identify the type of hair loss you are expecting and formulate a hair transplant treatment plan for you.

When the assessment is complete, you will be given a set of instructions to follow which are needed to prepare you for your transplant. These will be instructions such as no smoking before the surgery, no hair cuts for a period of time beforehand, and withholding any medications as instructed.


At the first consultation you will be asked about the history of your hair loss, family history et. al.

On the day of your surgery, you will meet with all of the expert staff who will be present during your procedure in order to understand each and every role. A local anesthetic will also be administered to numb your area of treatment so that you do not experience any pain or discomfort.

Once the procedure is complete, you can check yourself out in the mirror and talk through the processes with your surgeon. Here you will be told what to expect for the upcoming months, what aftercare you will need, and arrange a follow-up appointment.

Once you walk out of the clinic, you can guarantee that within a year you will have an outstanding new head of hair that will be sure to heighten all forms of confidence.

Cost And Pricing

Hair transplant surgeries have varied costs depending on the presentation of the individual. It is for this reason that a lot of clinics don’t advertise their specific costs as everybody’s hair is different.

Having said that, you can expect an average cost for an eyebrow transplant and a hair transplant below:

An accurate cost of your procedure will be given to you during your initial consultation.


A clinic that has a location on the famous Harley street, also comes with a pricetag to match.


Hair transplants help reduce anxieties and stresses associate with a person’s look. Once the transplant is complete, you will be met by a heightened sense of confidence and a lack of insecurities.

However, the pricing of some of these procedures can be quite costly and so put a financial burden on the patient which can lead to further anxieties. This is why the Crown Clinic has partnered with Medenta, a leading finance company, to provide two interest-free finance options that allow you to spread the cost of your payment over 6-10 months.

Pros and Cons

Concluding our review of the Crown Clinic is not easy. There is simply too much that we love about the clinic and want to share with you, however, we thought we’d let you have some of the fun and read up on it yourself.

Having said that, we decided to give you a list of pros and cons we noticed upon reading customer reviews of the clinic.



Clinic locations

The Crown Clinic’s success has allowed Dr. Shahmalak to open up two world-renowned clinics in Manchester and London. Both of these clinics are leaders in hair transplant surgery.

The Crown Clinic’s Manchester location is strategically located next to major transport links such as common bus routes and the Manchester Airport – for all those wanting to fly for their appointment.

The Crown Clinic in London can be found in Harley Street, a prestigious district of London known for its fantastic medical facilities and clinics.

The Crown Clinic, 10 Harley streetLondonW1G9PFUK
Manchester Airport, Global House, ground Floor, 16 Bailey LaneManchesterM904ABUK