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Surgeons and staff


Transplanting process


Offered procedures


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  • Two year guarantee for Hair Transplants
  • Advanced transplant techniques offered
  • Free inital consultation Online


  • Not a lot of information regarding Transfer to the clinic, hotel or flight options for medical tourists
  • Not transparent regarding pricing
  • Unclear how the full hair transplant process look like


Hairneva Hair Transplant

The Hairneva Hair Restoration Clinic is situated in Beşiktaş, one of Istanbul’s most central and bustling neighbourhoods, on the Europe part of the city, and offers hair transplantation services.

Hiarneva Hair Transplant Clinic was founded by Cosmetic Surgery Expert Oztürk in collaboration with Fulya Acbadem Hospital, that opened its doors in 2010 and is associated with Acbadem Health Network, one of Turkey’s largest healthcare organisations. 

Doctor Oztürk, creator of Hairneva Hair Transplant Clinic, holds the European Plastic Surgery Equivalency Certificate (EBOPRAS) by Belgium and France, and also the Certificate of Competence from the Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Association. The Clinic welcomes customers from all over the globe and provides services in a variety of languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian, as well as Turkish. 

Surgeons and Staff

Hairneva Hair Restoration Clinic, which is led by Dr. Ozturk and Hair Restoration Specialist Alim Süleyman, provides its customers with the most up-to-date methods in the area of hair transplantation via a team of professionals.

The team consists of a diverse collection of experts that can meet a variety of requirements. Dr. Guncel Ozturk is the reconstructive plastic surgeon on staff at this facility, while Dr. Yusuf Topal is the dermatologist.

Hairneva Hair Restoration Clinic operates out of Fulya Acbadem Hospital, where it makes use of the most up-to-date technological goods and equipment to perform its procedures. Suites and standard rooms are among the services and amenities that the hospital provides to its customers.  


Dr. Güncel Öztürk

Get the best offer on your future transplant

By comparing the prices of several clinics, you can lower the cost of FUE, FUT or DHI procedures by up to 75%. We collect campaigns, offers and special deals from over 20 clinics in the UK and in Turkey that will give you a clear comparison, that amongst other things will hint at how many grafts you may need

Up to



Offered Procedures

The offered procedures include:

They do not seem to perform the hair transplant technique FUT.

HairNeva also offer several exotic transplantation techniques such as:


Female hair loss often has a diffirent expression relative to male hair loss.

Treated Hairloss Symptoms

At Hairneva they treat both men and women, though the most common patient is a male suffering from male pattern baldness.

They treat the typical hair loss symtoms such as balding, crown hair loss, receding hairline and so forth.

Besides the common scalp transplantation, eyebrow, beard, and mustache hair transplant are also offered here. We could not find any information regarding if they perform eyelash, body to hair transplants or afro hair transplants though.

The transplanting process

The goal of a hair transplant procedure is thick, natural looking hair. Personalization of a transplanting procedure is done based on age, hair texture, health, and baldness.

After submitting photos and getting the first free consultation with Hairneva Online, you book a date with the clinic using one of the contact alternatives on their webpage.

In the initial consulation with the doctor  you have the opportunity to ask questions and give concerns. This first examination of your hair transplant areas is obligatory. The doctor will plan the forthcoming procedure on the basis of what comes forth during this meeting. He or she will assess the person’s hair loss, appropriate technique and estimate how much grafts are required.

If you agree to perform the hair transplantation surgery, they will plan a date for you to visit to and perform the procedure.


At the first consultation the doctor will examine your hairloss by going over the scalp either at a direct consulation, or via pictures from you.

You will also be asked about the history of your hair loss, family history et. al.

At the surgury the initial step in collecting hair transplants is to numb the region. Afterwards, the physician examines and analyses the grafts collected under a microscope, well then, the healthy and undamaged grafts are chosen and implanted taking into account the quantity of grafts required and the region to transplant them.

After highlighting the hair line, they take off the grafts and replace them using CHIO pen. Percutaneously, they remove the grafts and implant them. This is the main factor that distinguishes hair transplant procedures.

After the initial hair transplant operation, the patient is given a protective cap to protect themselves from rain, dust, and other unfavourable elements that may affect their hair restoration region. After the hair transplant operation, they ask the patients to rest for one day. The next day, is the washing day using specific materials.

After hair transplantation surgery, they contact the patients to monitor their recovery progress. Patients from overseas could submit pictures through email or WhatsApp. After a few days, the patient can take a bath, and two months later, they can swim, sunbathe, and swim in the sea.

One month after transplantation, the grafts start to develop, and after 8 to 10 months, the much more natural hair grows up.

You can see the before and after treatment pictures on their Instagram account as well.

Cost And Pricing

Prices are among the most important considerations in hair transplantation decisions. Although several variables influence costs, the clinic’s performance should come first.

The facility’s district, city, or nation influences pricing. Prices may also be affected by the clinic’s reputation and possibilities. However, it fluctuates from health clinic to clinic and is dependent on the medical situation. So, how do clinics set costs for hair transplants?

Your chosen hair transplant method determines the pricing. For example, FUE is more costly than FUT procedures in many clinics due to the time and technical requirements. Expense of FUE / DHI may be nearly double that of FUT method. However, FUE & DHI are far more patient-friendly because to faster healing and a more natural result. You also avoid the strip scarring that occurs with a FUT procedure.

A graft is a bit of skin with 1-5 hairs. Most physicians and clinics claim the cost of hair transplantation depends on the quantity of grafts required. Yes, typically per planted graft. So, costs vary by individual. After the assessment, the entire fee is decided.

For example, if the client in the III vertex section seeks the view throughout the II portion, 2,000 grafts are needed. You may determine your bill by multiplying this number by the facility’s per-graft rate. Some clinics provide discounts based on the quantity of grafts.

At HAIRNEVA the cost for typical FUE is approximately £1600, while a typical DHI procedure generally costs from 1800 to 2600 pounds. The cost varies depending on your specific condition and hair type.


Overview of the Besiktas area in Istanbul, Turkey, the neighborhood where Hairneva is located.


An initial payment deposit is usually required by most hair transplant centres in Turkey, with the remaining balance due on the day of their operation.

Paying via cash or with credit card is possible in most cases, depending on the circumstances. There should be vigilance when using credit cards at some clinics since they may charge an extra 18 percent in order to avoid paying taxes.

There is very little information on the website regarding the payment options or if they offer financing. This is a negative aspect with Hairneva.

Pros and Cons

The Clinic also have pretty good reviews by the treated patients. To the cons we count the following:

  • Not a lot of information regarding Transfer to the clinic, hotel or flight options for medical tourists
  • Not transparent regarding pricing
  • Somewhat unclear how the full hair transplant process look like
  • Clinic locations

    HAIRNEVA hair transplantation clinic is located in Istanbul, turkey. The clinic is open all week, timings for Monday to Friday are: 8am to 11:55pm. For Saturday and Sunday timings are from 8am to 11pm.

    Dikilitaş, Number:23, Hakkı Yeten CdIstanbul34349Turkey

    Dikilitaş, Number:23, Hakkı Yeten Cd, Istanbul