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Dr Serdar Gokrem Hair Transplant

Dr. Serdar Gökrem Clinic is among Turkey’s oldest renowned hair transplantation facilities. Dr. Gökrem, as the name implies – is the head of the clinic and runs it in the center of the touristic destination of Ankara.

He has extensive expertise with the FUE operation and has excelled at it utilizing one of most cutting-edge approaches. Moreover, with the aid of its competent experts and highly skilled plastic surgeons who work together as a team in event of significant complications or other deadly situations, the clinic has succeeded in guaranteeing positive patient outcomes and satisfaction.

He has always been a driving influence throughout Turkey’s hair transplant business. He has been in service for a long time, which testifies to his knowledge and skill. He has been one of the most well-known experts in the FUE procedure for providing hair transplant treatments. His clinic offers a wide range of procedures, including hair transplantation, regeneration, as well as mesotherapy. He received microsurgical expertise at GATA around 2004 and in Zurich in 2010.

He was promoted to Associate Professor during 2011. In 2008, the internationally regarded journal Annals of Plastic Surgery recognised and disseminated a logical work of his on follicular unit extraction.

Surgeons and Staff

The procedure of hair transplantation is performed by Dr. Gökrem himself. It is a cosmetic operation done in hospital operation theatre under local anesthesia with the help of a team of plastic surgeons and nurses.


Dr Serdar Gökrem

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Offered Procedures

The clinic recommends to use the Fue technique for clients that don’t desire a straight line scar with in donor region, want to transplant multiple grafts through single session, or want to utilise short donor area hair.

Fue method is also advised for applicants who have previously had Fut or Fue performed. Fue is an excellent technique for individuals who may have tiny pores in the hairline or crown area, are concerned about the possible shedding, and may require a second or third procedure.

This clinic offers following techniques:


The clinic treats a wide variety of hair loss symtpoms such as redecing hairline as seen to the left.

Treated Hairloss Symptoms

There are a variety of symptoms that are targeted at this clinic. First, we will have a look at Hair Mesotherapy offered here. Hair mesotherapy involves the use of direct injections for treating skin problems. It can be used cosmetically to treat cellulite, reduce the symptoms of face ageing, and prevent hair loss. It is possible to use mesotherapy on the in situations including:

Hair laser is also performed at the clinic, which is suitable for people facing hair loss, thinning and weakening of hairs.

Before undergoing hair transplant, the individual should inform his clinician about any acute or chronic illnesses, allergies, or medications he is taking. It is critical to obtain adequate and essential knowledge regarding the potential result and problems. Planning must be done in collaboration with the client.

Hair transplant is presently the only lifelong therapy for the gaps left by male pattern baldness, which is equally common in women. Individuals who are appropriate for hair transplant surgery must not have any distress that would prohibit the procedure from taking place. In general, individuals under the age of 18 are not advised to have the surgery.

Anybody with hair loss can get it done as far as the donor region is substantial enough. Dr. Serdar Gökrem has treated many challenging cases like burn repair and others. You can get the details about your specific condition by contacting via the information provided above or through online consultation on their website.

The transplanting process

The initial inspection is the first step. Prior to hair transplantation, it is determined if the client’s hopes can be satisfied. It is determined whether the individual is a potential candidate and whether their aspirations are reasonable.

 First and foremost, the individual should notify his doctor regarding his health history. Before hair transplant surgery, the region to be addressed is first identified. The area is analysed, and the number of grafts needed to get the best outcomes is determined.

On the date of the hair transplantation surgery, you will arrive at the clinic with a light meal, after which the hairline will be arranged, anaesthetic administered, and the procedure will begin.


At the first consultation the doctor will examine your hairloss by going over the scalp either at a direct consulation, or via pictures from you.

You will also be asked about the history of your hair loss, family history et. al.

It comprises of several stages, including the separation of follicular units within donor site as follicular unit grafts, the gathering and grouping of these separated follicular unit grafts, the opening of the routes in which the follicular unit grafts would be implanted, and the placement of the follicular unit grafts. 

You could go back and relax after your hair transplant. It is suggested to take one or two days off. In the meanwhile, you will take the medications that given by Dr. Gökrem.  The very first washing is taken after two days, and subsequent baths are done every day for a week.

Cost And Pricing

The expense of hair transplant procedure varies depending on the clinic doing the procedure, the city in which it is conducted, the method used, and the quantity of grafts implanted. Hair transplantation is highly expensive, especially in other countries, because it takes a long time and a lot of effort.

Clinics that are new to this company may be able to provide lower pricing. Prices are rising in Turkey’s major cities, including Ankara, Istanbul, as well as Izmir.

Because the transplanting method used directly affects the operation expenses, it also has an impact on the pricing. Prices for approaches like robotic planting, where utilization is more, could rise.

Individuals who wish to get treatment at this clinic may expect to pay between 1900 and 2250 USD for their treatments depending upon the procedure and skin assessment. For instance, in case of 4000 grafts, you might be charged $2200 for both sessions.

Although some facilities charge a flat fee for each procedure, others may charge considering the size of the region to be transplanted and the quantity of grafts to be implanted.

The most significant element that affects the transplant price is the person’s hair span as well as the number of grafts that’ll be implanted into the region.


Overview of Ankara, the Capital of Turkey where Dr. Gökrem’s clinic is located.

Prices for hair transplants are substantially lower than corresponding treatments in the UK. Read more.


The majority of hair transplantation clinics in Turkey will require a deposit to secure their treatment dates, with the entire cost due on the day of their surgery.

In most cases, you will be able to settle your bill in cash or with a credit card. Caution should be taken since certain clinics may charge an extra 18% on credit card purchases to avoid paying taxes.

There are several clinics in the UK that provide financing or payment plans to cover the cost of the operation. These clinics demand a strong business presence in the United Kingdom or other European countries.

Pros and Cons

Dr. Serdar Gökrem offers free initial consultation, payment plans, discounts, accept cheques, credit card payment and insurance from private patients. Honestly, we didn’t find any noticeable drawback at this hair transplant facility besides there should be a mention of hotel accommodation they are going to provide to international patients for clarity and less hassle.

Clinic locations

The Clinic is situated in Ankara, one of Turkeys southern cities. The working hours are from Monday to Friday; 9 am to 5 pm. And on Saturday their timings are 9 am to 3 pm.

Kazım Özalp, Uğur Mumcu Cd. No:6Ankara06700Turkey

Kazım Özalp, Uğur Mumcu Cd. No:6, Ankara