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Surgeons and staff


Transplanting process


Offered procedures


Cost and pricing



  • Somewhat Transparent pricing (but not per graft prices)
  • Clinic located in London
  • Free inital consultation
  • Free aftercare


  • Pricy compared to Turkish alternatives
  • Does not offer speciality treatments such as U-FUE or DHI


The Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic Hair Transplant

The Fortes Hair And Skin Clinic is established in Harley Street, one of the most prestigious and well-known locations in London. At the Fortes Hair And Skin Clinic, your hair is their Forte.

This clinic prides itself on its network of outstanding hair transplant specialists that provide only the best surgical and non-surgical treatments. With over 20 years of combined experience and excellence, the hair transplant surgeons at the Fortes Hair and Skin clinic can assure you a world-class treatment.

The Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic holds a government license that certifies 100% safety and efficacy amongst all of its treatments. The clinic is also registered and routinely inspects by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is the primary healthcare regulator in the UK that ascertains the supreme quality of the Fortes service.

Having identified itself as a globally-renowned cosmetic clinic, The Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic has performed thousands of successful surgeries on both local UK residents and clients from all around the globe.

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should pick the Fortes Hair and Skin clinic as your clinic of choice. The surgeons at this clinic ensure they are up-to-date with the latest advancements in medicine and all of which are registered with the Internation Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, giving them the qualification and accreditation they deserve.

Surgeons and Staff

The Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic is lead by Dr. Saaed, a globally-renowned hair transplant surgeon who sees hair restoration as an art where he passionately exercises his skill.

Dr. Saaed understands that every patient is unique, and so develops a patient-centered approach to ensure that everybody gets their own personalized treatment plan. Dr. Saad graduated with a degree in medicine in 1997, later specializing as an Anaesthetist. He then traveled the world to learn the ins and outs of hair transplant surgery from the best surgeons around the globe, eventually qualifying in the field of scalp micropigmentation and PRP, as well as FUE and FUT transplants.


Dr. Saaed, fortes clinic

Get the best offer on your future transplant

By comparing the prices of several clinics, you can lower the cost of FUE, FUT or DHI procedures by up to 75%. We collect campaigns, offers and special deals from over 20 clinics in the UK and in Turkey that will give you a clear comparison, that amongst other things will hint at how many grafts you may need

Up to



Offered Procedures

The Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration treatments. In order to achieve the highest quality hair transplant, it is essential that your surgeon understands not only the medical aspect of the procedure but appreciates the surgical artistry.

This combination is rarely found and is displayed by Dr. Saaed, allowing him to perform the following:

  1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) – The FUT transplant is otherwise known as the strip method, during which Dr. Saad will carefully extract a strip of donor hair follicles from your donor area for direct individual implantation into your affected area.  This procedure is ideal for patients who require large amounts of grafts to restore hair growth.
  2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) – The FUE transplant is a more common practice in medicine due to its ability to leave very little scarring and cause significantly less pain. The FUE procedure involves individual graft extraction – sort of like plucking your eyebrow hairs – that are then placed in a sterile plasma solution before being implanted into the affected area. The FUE method can be used for all areas of the scalp, face, and body.
  3. Combined Surgery – At the Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic, Dr. Saad can utilize his expertise to perform a combined surgery of both the FUE and FUT in order to give you the best of both procedures.
  4. Non-surgical treatments – Dr. Saad specialises in both scalp micropigmentation and platelet-rich-plasma injections which have been proven to stimulate hair growth.

Thinning hair is one of the symptoms that can be treated at the Fortes hair and skin clinic

Treated Hairloss Symptoms

When hair loss begins, most people think it’s the end of their unique look. However, at the Forte Hair and Skin Clinic, you can rest assured knowing that you don’t have to embrace being bald. Hair loss can affect both men and women and can occur due to a variety of reasons which are treated here. The hair loss symptoms treated at this clinic are:

  1. Male pattern baldness – This condition occurs as a result of chemical imbalances with the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The hair loss that occurs is then classified on the Norwood Scale which is graded from 1-7. Male pattern baldness causes hair loss in the front, crown, temples, and even your hairline recession, all of which can be treated by Dr. Saad’s FUE and FUT transplants.
  2. Alopecia Areata – The most common cause of alopecia barbae, which is an auto-immune condition that can lead to the formation of bald patches on a beard or mustache. Luckily, this condition can be surgically treated using the FUE methods.
  3. Female hair loss – For a lot of women, hair loss is gradual and doesn’t start until they reach their 50s. Hair loss in women distinguishes as thinning center partings and can be classified in three different stages of the Ludwig Scale. At the Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic, you can find exceptional hair transplants for all stages of hair loss.
  4. Eyebrow hair loss – We often forget the importance of eyebrows in shaping our face. Eyebrows not only help us embrace a youthful look but allow us to show our emotions. Hair loss in eye brows can be caused by a variety of factors. However, due to advancements in medicine, Dr. Saad can utilize his expertise to perform eyebrow transplants.
  5. General conditions – Hair loss that has occurred due to infection, mediation, or botched plastic surgeries can be repaired at this clinic.

The transplanting process

A hair transplant procedure is not simply a day surgery. No, hair transplants are unique procedures that are tailored directly to the individual. Hair varies from person to person, and so a hair transplant should also follow the same trend.

The first step in getting your world-class hair transplant is to arrange a consultation.  Once at your initial appointment, your consultant will carry out various assessments on your head or area of transplantation to identify the degree of hair loss from which you are suffering from. This allows the doctor to accurately determine which procedure is for you, how many grafts they will need, and quote you a price.

From the very first time you reach out to the clinic, your consultant will keep in touch with you from the minute you sign the consent forms to the final stages of your transplant.

Once a quote is agreed upon, you will be provided with a list of instructions to follow prior to your procedure in order to ensure you are ready. You will also be given time to think about what you want and whether you think this is the procedure is for you. Once happy, you simply place a deposit and come back next time for your procedure.

At the first consultation you will be asked about the history of your hair loss, family history et. al.

On the day of surgery, you will be met by your surgeon and his team of expertly trained hair transplant specialists. Here you will be re-assessed to ensure there are no changes and areas of your head for the donors and transplant will be shaved. You will then be administered a local anesthetic.

Once the anesthetic kicks in, the procedure begins with the extraction of the follicles using manual methods to ensure complete accuracy. The grafted hairs are then implanted into the designated area. Once the procedure is complete, your wounds will be patched and you will be given an approximate recovery timeline tailored to you.

In 6-12 months, you should expect your life to begin with a brand new head of hair.

Cost And Pricing

There are no specific prices for hair transplants out there. This is because hair transplants are seen on a case-by-case basis, and everybody is different. One person may only need 500 grafts whereas another may need upwards of 2,000.

In order to find the best and most realistic quote for your hair transplant at the Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic, we urge you to arrange a free consultation with one of their hair transplant specialists in order to have your hair loss assessed.

The Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic have kindly provided their minimum pricing on their website, which start at the following:

As you can see, the prices offered at this clinic are reasonable. However, there is no information regarding pricing per graft, and so if a FUE hair transplant starts at £1,999, you can assume this is for a 500-graft transplant.

2000 transplantat21400 SEK / $228095500 SEK$12,000
5000 transplantat53500 SEK / $5700238600 SEK$30,000

The cost of a hair transplant can be quite steep, especially if its a severe case of hairloss and the procedure is done at a clinic on Harley Street


The Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic prides itself on performing world-class procedures and offering outstanding treatments to help give you a youthful look and reduce any anxieties you may have had. Reducing anxieties also means removing those that come around from making large-scale payments.

This is why at the Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic you can expect to find various finance plans with a 0% apr and a small deposit, allowing you to get your transplant today and finish paying for it next year!

In order to find out more details about the finance options at this clinic, we urge you to contact them directly for an accurate quote based on your financial history.

Pros and Cons

Having reviewed the Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic, it is safe to say that the 5-star reviews are certainly met with the fantastic record of successful work carried out. The technology and methodology used to perform cosmetic surgical procedures are impeccable, and so you should expect nothing short of sheer perfect work when deciding to have your hair transplant here.

Having said that, we have devised some pros and cons for the clinic as you can see below:



Clinic locations

The Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic can be found in the globally recognized medical epicenter of London that is Harley Street. The clinic is conveniently located next to Cavendish Square Gardens which can be easily accessed using a variety of public transport routes.

Due to its evident success, the Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic has expanded its doors and opened a new clinic that can be found in Hammersmith, another popular district in London. The addresses of both clinics can be found at:

Fortes Clinic, No. 10 Harley StreetLondonW1G9PFUK
Fortes Clinic, Hammersmith, 36 North end roadLondonW140SHUK