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The Glasgow Clinic Hair Transplant

Established in 2012, the Glasgow Clinic has made its way into the news by being one of the best hair transplant clinics in Scotland. Since then, surgeons at the Glasgow Clinic have performed an amplitude of hair transplants, and even treated celebrity footballers!

The surgeons at the Glasgow Clinic are highly skilled and specialize in both Follicular Unit Extractions (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantations (FUT) procedures, which are widely recognized as the best in Scotland.

The Glasgow Clinic’s goal is to provide accurate and reliable information to its patients, ensuring that the appropriate education is provided to allow their patients to make the best decision for them.

The Glasgow Clinic is an independent clinic and does not associate with any other clinic in Scotland or the UK.  The clinic has partnered with some of the best and most accomplished hair transplant surgeons in the UK, Dr. Sergey Fedorov, and Dr. James McKelvie, who are assisted by nurse Joanne Scannell, a specialist hair transplant nurse.

All surgeons and staff at the Glasgow Clinic pride themselves on maintaining up to date with the newest advancements in medical technology in order to ensure that they can provide only the best and newest treatments for their patients.

Surgeons and Staff

The Glasgow Clinic prides itself on the network of specialized hair transplant staff under its roof which has a combined experience of over 20 years.

Dr. Fedorov is the resident hair transplant surgeon at the Clinic who was educated in Russia and became a plastic surgeon in 1986. Dr. Fedorov then specialized as a maxillofacial surgeon at the Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education in 1997, where he began his career as a hair transplant surgeon. Dr. Fedorov is also a fellow of the Internation Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Dr. McKelvie is the clinic’s Medical Director and currently works as an out-of-hours hospital doctor as well as being a surgeon at the Glasgow Clinic.

Nurse Joanne Scannell is the senior nurse at the Glasgow Clinic, who has over 20 years of experience in the hair transplant industry and a keen member of the Internation Society of Hair Restoration Society.

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Up to



Offered Procedures

The only hair transplant procedure offered at the Glasgow Clinic is the FUE transplant. The FUE transplant is the preferred choice over the FUT. This is because the FUT transplant requires the removal of an entire strip of the scalp which leaves visible scarring. The FUE procedure can be carried out without the removal of a strip of follicles, as instead, the hair follicles are individually extracted.

The FUE hair transplant procedure can be performed on all kinds of hair loss, including eyebrow and facial hair transplants.

In addition to the FUE procedure, the Glasgow Clinic offers a wide range of non-surgical treatments for hair loss. These come in the form of medication called finasteride and minoxidil.

These medications are both clinically proven to improve hair loss, with research showing that 90% of hair loss can either be stopped or slowed down. Effects are seen after 3-4 months of treatments, and regular follow-ups help keep your progression on track.

Lastly, the Glasgow Clinic offers a unique non-surgical treatment in the form of HairLab Fibres, a product that contains keratin-based hair fibers that give instant thicker hair in the space of a few seconds.


There are lots of methods for treating the many symptoms of hairloss on both men and women

Treated Hairloss Symptoms

Hair loss is a very common occurrence, affecting over 6.5 million men in the UK alone. However, hair loss does not discriminate and affects females too – up to 30% of females are affected by female pattern baldness.

Hair loss occurs due to a variety of different reasons. The most common causes of hair loss that can be treated at the Glasgow Clinic are as follows:

The transplanting process

The Glasgow Clinic is committed to education. They understand the necessities of delivering accurate, reliable, and realistic information to their patients in order to allow them to make the most well-informed decisions.

Prior to your consultation, you can chat with the Glasgow Clinic’s patient advisor who carefully explains the various treatments and procedures available for thinning hair. This ensures that you, the patient, are completely taken care of from your initial consultation all the way to the end of your procedure.

If a hair transplant is recommended to you, then you are recommended to arrange a consultation. This private consultation with one of the Glasgow Clinic’s surgeons allows you to gain as much detail as you need about the surgery and allows the surgeon to carry out a comprehensive assessment and history in order to analyze the current condition of your hair, and the treatment of choice for you.

Private consultations don’t only dismiss the myths surrounding hair transplants but allow you to understand realistic expectations using case studies. Additionally, your surgeon will be able to estimate the average amount of grafts needed and provide you with a quote that lasts for 3 months. If you agree, you then pay a £1,500 deposit and get given a preoperative instruction pack to follow.


At the first consultation you will be asked about the history of your hair loss, family history et. al.

On the day of your surgery, you will be briefed by your surgeon about the FUE procedure, allowing you to understand how the process is being carried out. You will also meet a team of highly specialized hair transplant staff who will be assisting your surgeon. At this point, you will be administered a local anesthetic to help numb the area being treated to prevent any pain or discomfort.

Once your procedure is complete, your surgeon will then go through with you the things you should expect and provide a relative recovery timeline designed specifically for you. Follow all instructions carefully and you will be met with a radiant, natural head of hair in 6-12 months!

Cost And Pricing

The entire cost of a hair transplant varies from person to person. Many clinics in Europe tend to offer hair transplant costs based on the amounts of grafts extracted, whereas other clinics around the world offer various hair transplant packages which more often than not are more cost-effective.

The Glasgow Clinic prices its hair transplants per graft. The prices for hair transplants at the Glasgow Clinic begin at £5 per graft, which to us, seems relatively expensive in relation to other hair transplant clinics in the UK.

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will assess your scalp for balding and determine the amounts of grafts that will be needed to perform a complete hair transplant for you. You will then be provided with one of the following quotes:

  1. Receding hairline transplant – 1,000 + grafts at £5000
  2. The area between your crown and forehead – 1,500 + grafts at £7,500
  3. Crown transplant – 1,000 grafts at £5000
  4. Top and back of your head – up to 2,000 grafts costing £10,000

The minimal price offered at the Glasgow Clinic is a quote for 500 grafts for £2,500. The team at the Glasgow Clinic promise to give each and every follicle the same level of care to ensure your transplant is successful.

2000 transplantat21400 SEK / $228095500 SEK$12,000
5000 transplantat53500 SEK / $5700238600 SEK$30,000

Overview of Glasgow, Scotland


The Glasgow Clinic unfortunately does not offer a finance payment option. They believe that all efforts should be made to focus on the procedure itself, as opposed to focusing their efforts on providing too-good-to-be-true deals.

They accept a variety of payment options from cash to credit cards, and so you may be able to apply for finance through your credit card provider.

Pros and Cons

The Glasgow Clinic has made quite a name for its self in the north of the Isle, promoting its services to many cities around its vicinity and producing expert results. Although a hefty 4.5-star review is seen by its satisfied customers, this satisfaction evidently comes at a price.

Therefore, to conclude our own review, we have provided what we think are the clinic’s pros and cons below:



Clinic locations

The Glasgow Clinic is only one independent clinic which is found in Glasgow. Although based in Glasgow, this clinic’s reputation has not gone unnoticed around Scotland and the UK and has therefore offered its expertise to people of Edinburgh.

As of now, there is yet to be a Clinic established there though.

The Glasgow Clinic, 234 West George StreetGlasgowG24QYUK

The Glasgow Clinic, 234 West George Street