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Kensington Hair Clinic Hair Transplant

The Kensington Hair Clinic is situated in the prestigious borough of Kensington in London. It promises an unbeatable hair transplant experience, providing hair transplant procedures using state-of-the-art equipment performed by some of the country’s leading hair transplant surgeons.

The Kensington Hair Clinic prides itself on its ability to understand the developments in architecture and interior design, having maintained the cleanliness and design of its treatment rooms to the highest level. All of the treatment rooms in the clinic are designed to ensure comfort and safety when you are about to undergo your procedure.

The best part? The Kensington Hair Clinic is regularly inspected and registered by the Quality Care Commission, a certified government healthcare regulator that inspects all healthcare settings in the UK.

The Kensington Hair Clinic is staffed by a network of hair transplant specialist nurses, surgeons, and medical personnel who will greet you with welcoming hands whenever your visit. All of the team is trained to provide luxurious care.

Surgeons and Staff

The Kensington Hair Clinic is proud to say that it is lead by one of the most renowned hair transplant surgeons in the United Kingdom, Dr. Shipu Zaman.

Dr. Zaman has over 5 years of experience within the cosmetic industry, having made a name for himself as one of the most talented hair transplant surgeons in the UK. Initially, Dr. Zaman began his surgical career as an orthopedic fellow, until he discovered the love for hair transplant surgery after suffered from androgenetic alopecia himself.

Dr. Zaman is supported by a network of elite staff including Trevor Burnham, a senior patient advisor, and Sylvia Burnham, the clinic manager. All staff works together to ensure that the most efficient process from your consultation to your procedure can be overlooked.

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Offered Procedures

The Kensington Hair Clinic understands the necessity of only offering a hair transplant when all other non-surgical options have been exhausted, and so also offers a gold-standard non-surgical medicated treatment for hair loss.

The surgical procedures offered at this clinic include:

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) –  A pain-free surgical technique by which Dr. Zaman will carefully extract hair follicles from your donor area using a special scalpel. He will then implant the extracted follicles into your area of transplantation. You can guarantee no stitches, minimal scarring, and outstanding outcomes with this procedure.
  2. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – This procedure involves Dr. Zaman removing a strip of donor follicles from your donor area which will then be individually implanted into your head. This procedure does cause linear scarification but has benefits over the FUE procedure for certain hair.
  3. Combination Surgery – Dr. Zaman is an expert in hair transplantation and can therefore combine the FUE and FUT methods to restore your hair to as natural a state as possible.
  4. Facial Hair Transplant – Dr. Zaman prides himself on being one of the very few surgeons in the UK to perform facial hair transplants that go past the beard. Dr. Zaman can perform eyebrow and eyelash transplants as well as beard transplants.
  5. Body Hair Transplants – Body hair is relatively more difficult to transplant than the hair on your scalp and this is mainly due to the characteristics of body hair. However, Dr. Zaman sees no limitations in his surgical ability and has performed many successful body hair transplants.
  6. Transgender Hair Transplants – The Kensington Hair Clinic are proud to support you through your transition, and so offers hair transplants for transgender individuals to help them reach their desired level of comfort.

Crown hair transplant is one of the procedures offered at the kengsington clinic.

Treated Hairloss Symptoms

As we grow older, our hair begins to thin and eventually fall out. However, there are a variety of factors that can induce hair loss, especially at an early age. At the Kensington Hair Clinic, some of the Uk’s leading hair transplant specialists are able to clinically assess and treat the following conditions:

The transplanting process

At the Kensington Hair Clinic, you will feel welcomed as soon as you step foot through their doors. You will be met by one of the senior patient advisors who will direct you to the consultation room. During this walk you will be given a tour of the clinic, allowing you to embrace the feel and atmosphere of the place.

Once in the consultation room, you will be met by Dr. Zaman. Dr. Zaman will then carry out a comprehensive hair assessment that involves identifying the areas of your scalp which are thinning and ask you about your family and medical history in order to try to understand why your hair is thinning. When satisfied, Dr. Zaman will then tell you about the transplant procedure that is suited to you, and also offer you a quoted price for your transplant.


At the first consultation you will be asked about the history of your hair loss, family history et. al.

If you agree, you will be given some preoperative information to follow in order to ensure that you are completely mentally and physically prepared for your procedure.

On the day of your procedure, you will be met by Dr. Zaman and his expert team of hair transplant nurses who will explain your procedure. You will also be administered a local anesthetic to minimize any discomfort.

Once the procedure is complete, you will be informed about what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months. You will be given a follow-up date in order to check everything has gone to plan, and before you know it, you’ll be styling your hair any way you want to truly show off your personality!

Cost And Pricing

Calculating the true cost of your hair restoration procedure is impossible without performing a comprehensive hair analysis. At the Kensington Hair Clinic, you can have a free consultation during which the surgeons will assess your degree of hair loss in order to identify the factors of your cost.

In general, prices at the Kensington Hair Clinic begin at £3000 and can be upwards of £8000. Every patient is different, and so the staff at the Kensington Clinic understand the necessity of carrying out a pre-procedure assessment to provide you with an accurate and realistic quote.

What you must understand is that a hair transplant is of permanent value, and so your cost is merely an investment. The Kensington Hair Clinic is part of The Medical Chambers in Kensington, a private-sector clinic that is recognized by most major private insurance companies.

Therefore, the Kensington Hair Clinic is able to offer preferential rates to members of the following:

Additionally, the Kensington Clinic offers a wonderful VIP package that includes a VIP consultation at your home, a guarantee that you are the only patient seen to that day, 24-hour contact with your surgeon, and you can have the procedure any day you wish!

2000 transplantat21400 SEK / $228095500 SEK$12,000
5000 transplantat53500 SEK / $5700238600 SEK$30,000

The cost of a hair transplant can be quite steep, especially if its a severe case of hairloss and the procedure is done in Britain.


Hair transplants should never be determined by cost, but should always be determined by the surgeon’s ability and success. This is why at the Kensington Hair Clinic, you can find various payment plans to help spread the cost of your transplant so you can get treated as soon as possible.

The financing options available at the Kensington Hair Clinic is:

Pros and Cons

Once you read all of the above information, you will undoubtedly agree with the 4.7-star rating on Trust Pilot for this clinic. From outstanding interiors and world-class surgeons to finance and VIP packages, the Kensington Hair Clinic truly does it all. In order to conclude this review, we have devised a series of pros and cons that we think are applicable.



Clinic locations

The Kensington Hair Clinic is conveniently located in the popular district of Kensington in London. The clinic can be found directly across from the Cromwell Hospital and is easily accessed by transport routes such as the Tube and bus services.

The Kensington Clinic is an independent clinic and therefore does not associate itself with any other hair clinic. It is only found in Kensington, with no other affiliate hair transplant clinics anywhere in the world.

10 Knaresborough Place, KensingtonLondonSW50TGUK

10 Knaresborough Place, Kensington