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The Private Clinic Hair Transplant

Founded in Harley Street in 1983, The Private Clinic has established itself as a leading cosmetic clinic in the UK, providing various cosmetic treatments and state-of-the-art hair restoration surgeries.

The Private Clinic has over 35 years of combined experience providing the most advanced and effective cosmetic procedures tailored to YOU. The Private Clinic prides itself on a network of cosmetic specialists from nurses to board-certified surgeons to ensure you are in the best hands.

Better yet, The Private Clinic provides exceptional personalised treatments to over 15,000 patients every year and carries out over 10,000 procedures on an annual basis. This high number is backed up by one of the highest patient satisfaction scores in the sector, achieving a 5-star Trustpilot rating in 2021 and a 96% recommendation.

The Private Clinic multi-award-winning cosmetic clinic and has won various awards such as the Aesthetic Award for Best UK Clinic Group in 2017 and the Best Cosmetic Surgery Practice in 2018.

Although The Private Clinic is a general cosmetic surgery clinic, they still do offer a range of hair transplant services. With a handful of the nation’s best hair transplant surgeons and specialists at hand, you can be sure that a bespoke treatment plan can be created just for you to help you achieve the most natural, densely packed hair.

Surgeons and Staff

The Private Clinic only works with leading specialists in the fields of the cosmetic treatments offered. The network of  51 specialists under The Private Clinic’s roof includes world-renowned hair transplant surgeons, body contouring specialists, leading specialists in laser treatments, and much, much more.

All of The Private Clinic’s locations are adequately staffed with the most experienced nurses and therapists in the UK, ensuring that they are continuously on top of their game. If you decide to opt for a hair transplant or other cosmetic procedure at The Private Clinic, you can rest assured knowing that your uncovered beauty is in the best and safest hands.


Dr Luca de Fazio

Get the best offer on your future transplant

By comparing the prices of several clinics, you can lower the cost of FUE, FUT or DHI procedures by up to 75%. We collect campaigns, offers and special deals from over 20 clinics in the UK and in Turkey that will give you a clear comparison, that amongst other things will hint at how many grafts you may need

Up to



Offered Procedures

The Private Clinic offers virtually undetectable, natural-looking results for men. The hair transplant surgeons at The Private Clinic have been continuously updating their education since 2008, ensuring that they only provide the newest and best state-of-the-art procedures.

The types of procedures offered by the hair transplant experts at The Private Clinic are:

  1. Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant – Hair transplant surgeons at The Private Clinic have perfected the FUE procedure. Due to the passion for maintaining clinical excellence, hair transplant surgeons here perform a modified FUE method which makes even smaller entry points into the scalp, reducing scarification. All of this comes at a cost of between £6,000-£8,000, depending on the number of grafts needed.
  2. Hair Transplant Revision – The one thing worse than losing your hair is having your hair transplant go bad. The Private Clinic specializes in hair transplant revision, restoring failed hair transplants for an average price of £2.50 per implanted graft.
  3. Facial hair and eyebrow transplant – The Private Clinic utilizes its innovative FUE method for maximum efficiency and provides facial hair and eyebrow hair transplants using this method. The costs also vary from patient to patient, and so a quote will be tailored to you depending on your needs.

Eyebrow Transplant is one of the available hair transplant procedures at the private clinic

Treated Hairloss Symptoms

The Private Clinic prides itself on its ability to provide hair loss treatments and hair transplants for those who have suffered hair loss for any reason. For example:

  1. Crown, Temple, and Total Hair Loss – The biggest cause of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness. This is genetically inherited and caused by a condition called androgenetic alopecia that results in hair loss. Hair loss typically starts at a later age, but some men may experience hair loss as soon as they finish puberty. Hair loss caused by male pattern baldness can affect the crown, scalp, and even the entire head. Male pattern baldness can also affect women, and so The Private Clinic can tailor its treatments to female hair loss. 
  2. Receding Hairlines – Receding hairlines are caused by any of the issues mentioned in the article, and in order to restore the hairline to its natural look, the FUE technique can be used, which is a specialty at The Private Clinic.
  3. Facial hair and eyebrows – The Private Clinic utilizes specialized modified FUE techniques in order to restore hair in the face and eyebrow regions.

The transplanting process

The Private Clinic offers one of the most comprehensive hair transplant services in the UK, promising to provide care through the entirety of the process.

Firstly, you will have to arrange an appointment with one of the leading hair transplant surgeons in the country at The Private Clinic. During your consultation, you will be asked a series of questions to identify your mental stability to go through with the transplant and have your hairline assessed.

Our cosmetic specialists make sure to carry out a thorough assessment in order to identify the core structure of your current hair and analyze your donor areas for graft extraction. Once the assessment is complete, your surgeon will provide you with a breakdown of the costs for your procedure based on your presentations.

Once satisfied, you will be given an appointment date for your hair transplant procedure. You will be advised to follow any pre-operative requirements such as stopping smoking, stopping certain medications, and giving yourself adequate rest.


At the first consultation you will be asked about the history of your hair loss, family history et. al.

On the day of your hair transplant, your cosmetic surgeon will brief you on what to expect during your procedure, advise you on the uncomfortable moments or sensations you may or may not experience, and put you at ease to ensure that your transplant is carried out in the most comfortable environment.

Your transplant should take anywhere between 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on how much hair needs to be transplanted. Once your surgery is complete, you will be given a set of post-operative instructions to follow to make sure you care for your new hair.

Follow-up appointments will then be made to monitor your progress, and you will be given contact numbers in case you experience any uncomfortable symptoms or complications. 6 months – 1 year later, you should be able to freely style your new, permanent, natural hair.

Cost And Pricing

Typically, when trying to understand the costs of a hair transplant, you must know that the procedures don’t come at a set rate. Instead, most hair transplants are priced based upon the number of grafts extracted and implanted, along with the surgeon’s time.

When it comes to costing a FUE hair transplant, your surgeon will often be reluctant to give you an exact figure, simply due to the fact that every transplant procedure is different and depends entirely on the patient.           

With that in mind, it is vital you understand that patients are treated on a case-by-case basis. However, at The Private Clinic in London, the average cost of a FUE hair transplant is £2.50 per extracted follicle graft.

Prices in clinics outside the London area may vary in price and is best to contact these clinics directly for an exact quote.

Additionally, FUE hair transplant prices vary depending on the chosen areas for treatment. For example, if you are having a hairline hair transplant or temple hair transplant, your costs may be less than a crown transplant as the area is smaller.

2000 transplantat21400 SEK / $228095500 SEK$12,000
5000 transplantat53500 SEK / $5700238600 SEK$30,000

The cost of a hair transplant can be quite steep, especially if its a severe case of hairloss and the procedure is done in Britain.


The quality of the work carried out, the comfortable clinic environment, and excellent surgeon costs all come into account when trying to understand FUE hair transplant pricing.

However, as the main aim of cosmetic treatment is to help you feel more comfortable and reduce any anxieties, The Private Clinic understands that in order to do so completely, they must relieve you of all anxieties, even those that are related to the financial aspect.

This is why at The Private Clinic you can pay for your treatment through one of their flexible treatment plans. These are as follows:

Pros and Cons

In order to conclude this comprehensive review of The Private Clinic, it is only fair that we delve into what we believe are the biggest advantages and disadvantages found at the clinic.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the advantages:

And now, the very few disadvantages we have observed:

Clinic locations

Having established itself as a leading clinic in London, The Private Clinic has since expanded its expertise to 11 convenient locations around the UK to provide you with the best and most effective minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures right at your doorstep.

Adam House 1, Fitzroy SquareLondonW1T5HEUK
98 Harley StreetLondonW1G7HZUK
50 Tilers Road, Kiln FarmMilton KeynesMK113EAUK
82 Billing RoadNorthhamptonNN15DFUK
88 Hagley RoadBirminghamB168LUUK
92c Whiteladies RoadBristolBS82QNUK
25 St John StreetManchesterM34DTUK
45 Park Square NorthLeedsLS12NPUK
Beachwood AvenueBournemouthBH51LXUK
Little Common RoadBexhillTN39SBUK
Stokenchurch Medical Center, Oxford RoadBuckinghamHP143SXUK

98 Harley Street, London