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Offered procedures


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  • The clinic are proficient in Afro hair and transplants of this type of hair.
  • You will get a very Senior Head Surgeon for your hair transplant (Dr. Maziar Sadiri)


  • Not transparent regarding cost and pricing
  • Does not offer DHI or more advanced surguries such as U-fue or body to hair transplants.


London Hair Transplant Clinic

The London Hair Transplant Clinic is a comprehensive and competitive hair transplant clinic in London, promising to offer some of the best hair transplants and other cosmetic procedures at competitive rates.

The clinic itself is directed by Dr. Maziar Sadiri. Dr. Maziar Sadiri was a general practitioner who found a new love for cosmetic surgery. Since his GP training, Dr. Sadiri pursued training in dermatology, ENT (ear, nose, and throat), neck surgery, and anesthesia. Once qualified, Dr. Sadiri became certified as a surgeon and registered with the Royal College of Surgeons of Great Britain. 

What this means is that the London Hair Transplant Clinic is a cosmetic clinic that specializes and is run by trusted and renowned NHS consultants. NHS consultants appreciate the standards of care that must be met, and so can ensure your satisfaction if you opt for a procedure here.

A 4.8-star rating on Trust Pilot goes a long way for this clinic, proving that customer satisfaction is nearly always guaranteed. Not only is this clinic run by NHS consultants, but it is also fully staffed with expert cosmetic nurses who carry out hundreds of procedures each year with the same outcome – a happy customer with a new, natural, densely packed head of hair.

Surgeons and Staff

The London Hair Transplant Clinic is directed by its principal hair transplant surgeon Dr. Maziar Sadiri.

However, the clinic prides itself on its network of highly trained nursing staff which helps ensure Dr. Sadiri’s work goes smoothly and continues to provide the excellent results seen by his customers.


Dr. Maziar Sadiri

Get the best offer on your future transplant

By comparing the prices of several clinics, you can lower the cost of FUE, FUT or DHI procedures by up to 75%. We collect campaigns, offers and special deals from over 20 clinics in the UK and in Turkey that will give you a clear comparison, that amongst other things will hint at how many grafts you may need

Up to



Offered Procedures

The London Hair Transplant Clinic offers not only hair recovery treatments but additional cosmetic procedures too.

In addition to the general FUE hair transplant procedure , you can also expect the following procedures offered:

  1. Afro and Caribbean hair transplant – unlike traditional hair transplants, treating and restoring Afro-Caribbean hair require an additional set of specialties and experience. Dr. Sadiri of the London Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the very few hair transplant surgeons in UK able to restore Afro-Caribbean hair using special FUE or FUT hair transplant procedures.
  2. Eyebrow hair transplant – One of the first things people notice on a face is your eyebrows. They help accentuate the beauty of your eyes, add symmetry to your face, and help show your visual expression. The London Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the best clinics in London to restore your eyebrows to their true natural potential.
  3. Palatet rich Plasma – The London Hair Transplant Clinic prides itself on keeping up to date with the latest advancements in medical technology in order to provide the newest and most innovative treatments for their patients. One of which is PRP, which involves injecting blood cell rich plasma into your areas of hair loss to help promote hair growth.
  4. Facial Hair Transplant – A patchy beard or weird-looking mustache has always been a ground for friendly banter amongst peers. The London Hair Transplant Clinic can help with both beard and mustasche hair transplants using the FUE hair transplant procedure.

PRP – or Palatet rich Plasma is one of the treatments offered in The London Hair Transplant Clinic.

Treated Hairloss Symptoms

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors. Most people lose around 50-100 hairs per day. However, some may lose more than this and so become candidates for a hair transplant procedure. 

Hair loss can be caused by genetic reasons such as alopecia areata, alopecia barbae, and androgenetic alopecia which can lead to male pattern baldness, as well as be caused by various other medical conditions or fungal infections.

The London Hair Transplant Clinic can help treat the following symptoms:

The transplanting process

The hair transplant process at the London Hair Transplant Clinic follows a step-by-step algorithm ensuring you are completely aware of your procedure and all of its elements.

You will first have to make an appointment. Upon arriving at your initial consultation, you will be assessed comprehensively by Dr. Sadiri. This assessment involves asking you questions about your medical history, family history in relation to hair loss, when your symptoms started, and which areas of your head or face are you experiencing hair loss.

Once your consultation is over, you will be given a quoted price by Dr. Sadiri for the procedure which you have opted for based on your presentation. In addition to the quote, you will be given a date for the procedure along with some preoperative instructions to follow in order to prepare you for your hair transplant.


At the first consultation you will be asked about the history of your hair loss, family history et. al.

Upon the arrival of your procedure date, you will be taken into pre-assessment to carry out testing on your vitals to ensure you are in good health and fit enough to go through the procedure. Once in the procedure room, Dr. Sadiri and his expertly trained nurses will begin the transplant using his special techniques.

You will be given some local anesthetic beforehand to minimize any pain or discomfort. Once the procedure is over, you will be briefed about what to expect, how to look after your hair and be offered a follow-up appointment just to make sure everything has gone to plan.

Lastly, make sure you follow your post-op care instructions accurately and take good care of your new hair. Your initial transplanted hair may fall out which is normal – and full regrowth should be visible around 6-12 months later.

Cost And Pricing

Typically in London, you can expect to find hair transplants to cost anywhere between £1,000 and £30,000 depending on your procedure, the number of grafts needed, and the clinic of choice.

The London Hair Transplant Clinic, unfortunately, does not provide any estimated costs on its website. Although this may be alarming, this is completely normal. Most hair transplant costs vary from patient to patient, and so the London Hair Transplant Clinic can only give you an accurate cost of your procedure after your initial consultation.

They do, however, promise competitive results. Given their 4.8-star rating on Trust Pilot and over 50 satisfied customer reviews indicating reasonable prices, we are adamant that costs will not be an issue here.


The London Hair Transplant Clinic offers a wide range of financial options for patients to use in order to reduce any stresses that may arise from the financial burden of a cosmetic procedure.

In order to find the best finance option suited to your expenses, we urge you to contact the clinic for an accurate quote.

Pros and Cons

We can safely say that the London Hair Transplant Clinic is indeed what it claims to be – one of the leading hair transplant clinics in London. However, we have noticed a few disadvantages too. With that being said, let’s take a look at the pros and cons.



Clinic locations

The London Hair Transplant Clinic is located in London. Unfortunately, there is only one clinic/surgery linked to the London Hair Transplant Clinic. 

The clinic is centrally and conveniently located in London, meaning that you can access it by walking 5 minutes from the Edgware Underground Station on the Northern Line.

The London Hair Transplant Clinic’s address is Aprirose House 48A High Street, Edgware, London, HA8 7EQ.

Aprirose House 48A High Street, Edgeware LondonHA87EQUK

The front entrance for the London Hair transplant clinic on Aprirose House 48A High Street, Edgeware